Jason Galea

Jason Galea

Coder, founder, husband, and father. Not necessarily in that order..

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Since January 2012 I've been working for SafetyCulture on the SafetyCloud web site which backs the excellent iAuditor mobile app for iOS and Android. SafetyCloud is build on Google's AppEngine in Python.


In January 2014 I launched PDFUnicorn, a web service for generating PDF files from a simple markup language. PDFUnicorn enables businesses to provide their customers with branded PDF files on demand for invoicing, quotes, or anything else they need. Files are generated via the PDFUnicorn API by posting images and document source directly to the API.

Perl Programming

I've been programming Perl for over 10 years now and continue to learn new things every day. My tools of choice include Debian Linux operating system, Mojolicious, MongoDB, Template Toolkit, Git, and a host of others..

Web Design

Though I can wave a wand in Photoshop, I prefer to stay on the code side of things.. to that end css frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap are my saviour (I built this site with it in a morning). On the other hand, if you already have a design, I can bring it to life with all the functionality you need.


  • Built the ex Video Ezy Edgecliff web site allowing customers to browse in-store titles and make online reservations.
  • Designed and built the original EzyDVD web site and maintained and developed it for about 12 years. With 10,000 visitors a day and $25,000,000 in sales per year I learned a lot about running a high demand web site.
  • Re-designed the Adelaide Crows web site taking them from a static site to a fully dynamic site with e-commerce, message board, and footy tipping competition.

Phone: (07) 4055 6926

Mobile: 0412 345 534

Email: jason@lecstor.com