Jason Galea

Jason Galea

Coder, founder, husband, and father. Not necessarily in that order..

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Since January 2012 I've been working for SafetyCulture on the SafetyCulture web app which backs the excellent iAuditor mobile app for iOS and Android.


In December 2016 I launched Docca, a web service for generating PDF files from a simple markup language. Docca enables businesses to provide their customers with branded PDF files on demand for invoicing, quotes, or anything else they need.


  • Built the ex Video Ezy Edgecliff web site allowing customers to browse in-store titles and make online reservations.
  • Designed and built the original EzyDVD web site and maintained and developed it for about 12 years. With 10,000 visitors a day and $25,000,000 in sales per year I learned a lot about running a high demand web site.
  • Re-designed the Adelaide Crows web site taking them from a static site to a fully dynamic site with e-commerce, message board, and footy tipping competition.